Who I Am

Hello friend, Welcome to my blog.

My name is Caitlyn Moore, but my friends like to call me Tirin’s. I love the nickname; it spurs my alter-ego.  A person of different attributes, a crazy dreamer with an insatiable taste to travel, a burning need to take care of my environment – recycling, planting trees, I can never settle for ordinary life.

I am nineteen years of age (19), and I am lucky to have traveled to beautiful places than most people. My family loves traveling, my parents especially tour the world and more often I would tag along and get to visit exotic destinations. Now I feel confident that I can take good care of myself.

Currently, I am in my gap year, a yearlong break that I get to pack my back bag and travel, recycle and try out new food. To me traveling is not about the sights but the memories and emotions the places you visit bring. My mission as I move is to grow, to get inspired and meet people who will broaden my thinking and have my life enriched with beauty and diversity. Every day counts, I plan and budget for today, tomorrow got more troubles of its own.

Suppose you had less than a year or two on this fantastic world, wouldn’t you want to travel? Spending your days and nights on the road caring less about what people make of you? Travel for freedom, live on your terms, gift yourself self-time. A period to escape life and pursue your dreams and ambitions.

When I am not traveling, I will be tweaking recipes in the kitchen. I enjoy good food and great company. I will be posting the recipes or analyzing the best eateries near me over my vacation.

Look at the towns and the villages; they are beautiful and unique in their way. The planet earth is our home, it’s pure and beautiful and ought to be protected from human activities. Indigenous trees and wild animals are becoming extinct, our actions slowly killing our habitat. How about we make small steps to change that?

Life is too short to shelf your to-do list, or fail to make the most of your day. I chose to take a risk, the risk of spending my gap year doing activities that grant me satisfaction and not bet on doing the activities like traveling later in life.