Volunteer tourism: fun for the visitor, problems for hosts community?

What do you know about volunteer tourism? Many of us have friends who went on vacation and came back full

After Nature. What will remain?

After Nature looks at a landscape of ruins and wilderness, darkened by unclear catastrophes. This is a story of regression,

Places to See in Montreal

The city of Montreal is the biggest in the country, Canada. Montreal is in the capital of Quebec. Montreal has


Do you think about globalization?

Do we really know how does globalization affect the world? Thich Nhat Hanh’s The Bells of Mindfulness places the value of

Baños De Agua Santa and Quilotoa. My Top Places in Ecuador

Banos de Agua Santa and Quilotoa remain one of my favorite and top places in Ecuador, and they are the

Fun and Efficient Methods to Teach a Kid About Recycling!

I traveled a lot and saw so many trash on the ground and in the ocean. Our planet’s so beautiful.

Humans kill the nature – nature kills the humans. West Bengal, Wayanad and Uttar Pradesh Catastrophes

In most cases, us humans are responsible for what is happening to us. For instance, due to settlement, we have