About blog


Tirin’s blog covers the best in travel. After traveling with my parents, I am inspired by the beauty and the lessons acquired through the journeys. My mission is to roam for pleasure and travel spontaneously. I have an unquenchable thirst for adventure, to marvel at the beauty of the world and to use the beaten track traveled by the locals. My experience is unique and genuine. I do not strive for the perfect picture, I do not travel to luxurious hotels, because let’s be frank, I am traveling on a tight budget.

I roam around the world to find love, to dream, laugh and experience the climatic conditions. The blog is meant to inspire you through the rusty pictures and the captivating stories, practical advice on where to travel and why you should visit the place.

I focus on:

Environmental Issues

Concerned with plastic pollution, I started recycling. Went shopping at the farmers market to cut packaged foods to reduce waste.  As a family, we shop using glass jars, and homemade cloth bags, trying to minimize grocery waste as much as possible.

I am providing a platform to create awareness about the various issues affecting our environment. Through the blog, I hope to create a green community that connects individuals with the same interests. To use business to inspire and create solutions to the environmental crisis while doing no unnecessary harm.

Thank you for visiting my blog. How about you make yourself comfortable and read some of my experiences, pain, and joy?  I am confident with my vast area of interest there is something for everyone. Allow me to share with you the beauty around the world.

Food Blog

For the love of great food, this blog is for everyone who loves to cook and for persons who don’t fancy cooking. What to expect in my blog:

  1. Great recipes that I genuinely enjoy. Not planning to upload foods I am yet to cook and love.
  2. Step by step instruction- how big is a dice of onion, how about the size of the vegetables. In all my cooking instructions I include photos of the ingredients and the final product.
  3. Helpful tips to help you with cooking faster and attain better results.
  4. Sometimes cooking backfires, it happens to the professionals too. Learn from my mistakes and let us have fun together.