Places to See in Montreal

The city of Montreal is the biggest in the country, Canada. Montreal is in the capital of Quebec. Montreal has a rich culture and image it has tried to communicate with its public and visitors. Internationally, Montreal comes after the city of Paris as one of the cities with a population that hugely practices French Speaking. The city of Montreal is today called termed Canada’s Paris.

Montreal is one of the cities of the world that I would advise anybody to visit. Montreal carries a rich that goes back in the days. You will be amazed by the wonders and creations the city boasts. Among the places you can visit, include:

The Botanical Gardens of Montreal

The Montreal Botanical Gardens cover an area of about 190 acres. This vast piece of land comprises of nicely tendered greenhouses and gardens that have been in existence for more than 80 years, since 1931. By visiting the Botanical Gardens of Montreal, you have the chance to interact with flowers and plants collected from all over the world. The gardens have served as a rich source of education facilities for students in the field of horticulture, endangered plant species preservation and research.   The gardens are open through the year from April to November; could be the best time to visit.

The Montreal Symphony Orchestra

The Orchestra is the most visited place in Montreal; am assuming   many people love music and arts. The OSM is in the Montreal Symphony House.   This tourist attraction was opened in 2011. It has acted as a center for music education with a history of about 80 years, since 1934.  The Orchestra can accommodate about 1900 people in a single seating.

The Notre Dame Basilica

This center is made up of Gothic Revival architecture in the world. The Notre Dame is made of dramatic colors, woodcarvings and color blasts.  The Basilica was established the 1820s and hugely illustrates the religious history of Montreal.

These three places are hugely talked about in Montreal and could be the first places anyone could wish to visit.

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