Do you think about globalization?

Do we really know how does globalization affect the world? Thich Nhat Hanh’s The Bells of Mindfulness places the value of Buddhism in the context of globalization and global warming. The modern world is in danger to threats, especially climate change, and yet we fail to commit to any urgent action towards fighting them. The author comments on how we fail to see the bigger picture, on how we are so focused on personal development that we neglect the unfortunate situations of anyone else in the present or the future. Instead of striving for “The American Dream” of materialistic wealth, people should pursue the “dream of brotherhood and sisterhood” with a culture of mindfulness. This should help us find our inner strength and enlighten ourselves to transform the world that we are living in.

The author emphasizes the humanism that Buddhism preaches, which include taking responsibility, showing compassion, and loving-kindness to others. These virtues should be applied in terms of protecting our environment and encourage others “who are living in a dream” to wake up and help the Buddha. As a Catholic, I share the same beliefs as the author in terms of environmental stewardship. This article is an example of how different people, no matter what their religion may be, recognize the biggest issues that we are all facing, whether it is climate change, government corruption, or acts of violence.

While each and every one of us has our individual perspectives on dealing with these problems of modern society, our eyes look at the same direction, which the author also believes is necessary for solving them. More importantly, by keeping faith and determination in God, our fellow men, or ourselves, we are capable of sparking change around the world.

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