Baños De Agua Santa and Quilotoa. My Top Places in Ecuador

Banos de Agua Santa and Quilotoa remain one of my favorite and top places in Ecuador, and they are the destinations or places that I wouldn’t miss to check out while in Ecuador. Banos is well known for allowing for a variety of adventure sports to choose from, and you can also enjoy natural heated thermal baths while there. The popular swing at the End of the World is the most captivating sport in Banos, and the place is also not short of physical features that will strike your interest – if you are into nature.

There are rivers, hot springs, waterfalls and mountains near Banos, which make the place a perfect setting to spend time and relax when in Ecuador. If you are not of the hiking or jumpy type, you might as well do sight-seeing and stay away from the activities. All in all, Banos has something in store for everyone – whether you are a fan or adventure sports, or you are that person who likes to keep it cool and relax.

Quilotoa is an exciting and exciting place to be while in Ecuador, and the place is ideal if you like hiking and adventure, and the surrounding Andean mountain offers a conducive environment for trekking and hiking. Quilotoa lake, which is a result of a gaping caldera from a volcanic eruption, is filled with brilliant turquoise water that gives the lake an elegant and beautiful view.


Why Banos

Getting to Banos de Agua Santa, or Banos, is relatively cheap and easy, and the fact that Ecuador is a small country even makes it easier and less expensive to get around the place. While in Ecuador, you can get to Banos by bus, which remains the most preferable and convenient means of transport to get there.

Unless you have flown into Quito where you will have to take a taxi into the city, after which you can board a bus, other locations offer you a way into Banos by bus.  The good thing about Banos is that there is affordable accommodation and a decent budget will be able to take care of those aspects while there.


What to Do in Banos

While in Banos, there is a variety of activities that you could partake in, and if you are an adventurist or a sports enthusiast, then you stand to enjoy your stay in Banos. Whether you want to swing on the tree at the End of the World at Casa de Arbol or go white water rafting on Rip Pastaza, the choices of the activities that you would like to engage in are entirely on you. The swing at Casa de Arbol is among the top reasons why folks visit Banos, and flying above the mountain can be quite exhilarating. There are giant swings as well as low-flying ziplines for those folks who are not enthused by the idea of swinging several meters high above the ground.

There are also waterfalls that give beautiful views, and a significant feature is the Ruta de las Cascadas, which passes seven waterfalls, and has a waterfall pack with an enormous suspension bridge. If you like adventure, then you are definitely in for a treat when you visit Banos.

You could also indulge yourself in other activities like thermal baths, rafting, spa treatment, shopping for artisan-made souvenirs and handicrafts, and taking a canyoning tour. Your preferences will dictate the activities that you will engage in while in Banos, but there is something for everyone who likes to travel around and enjoy the scenery.



Quilotoa is among my top picks of places to visit in Ecuador, and the place has quite a lot of things to offer when it comes to recreation and adventure. Quilotoa is well known for hiking, and you can have the best view when you are in Quilotoa town. The town is also the most convenient place to start hiking along the rim of the crater, which spans 7.5km. When hiking along the rim, you get to have a 4-d hour view down into the lake, which is an adventurous and thrilling experience if you ask me.

The lake is only accessible by winding mountain roads or by local buses, and this explains why it is not frequented much compared to other spots in the region. Hiking around the perimeter of Quilotoa lake is adventurous, and if camping is your thing, then you can wander or even camp at the base of the crater.

In closing, if you are in Ecuador, Banos and Quilotoa are places that you might want to visit. These places won’t cost you a lot, but you will enjoy and have lots of fun when you get there. There is a whole array of recreation activities that you can engage in while there which will help to make your stay memorable.

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