Humans kill the nature – nature kills the humans. West Bengal, Wayanad and Uttar Pradesh Catastrophes

In most cases, us humans are responsible for what is happening to us. For instance, due to settlement, we have cut down trees and lost some indigenous tree and animal species, killing of animals such as the elephant for trunks. This are some of the few issues we relate to.

The situation in India is worse due to the large population. This is because, more people are forced to spill into the traditional wild spaces and animal sanctuaries where people compete with wildlife for food and other resources.

According to the recent research, elephants and tigers are killing one person a day because of squeezing more of the animal habitat by the humans.

India has a whooping number of elephants and is a home to half the population of tigers and big cats. These animals are an endangered species as every year more killings of this species is experienced.

Most of the human activities have brought rice to some disasters. More farming and other economic activities as resulted in cutting down trees which in return cause soil erosion which gives rise to flooding. More so, growth of industries brought rise to pollution which after many years have brought in the heating of the earth which results in some disasters.

However, all these developments are effective and important for the growth of our nation, it has other negative effect due to lack of balance in both animals and people.

What happened in West Bengal?

Last year, wild elephants attacked people of killing five people as well as destroying property such as vehicles and homes. This case is a serious one due to increased human activities such as poaching.

Most poachers used to kill elephants for their trunks but in it is dangerous when provoked. Elsewhere after that incident, three people were killed including a 12-year old girl in Tamil Nadu state.

Over the past years, more Indians have and will lose their lives from these deadly animal killings if nothing is done.

In this area, more animal habitat has been turned into economical use leaving the elephants top move to human’s settlement areas. This is a challenging issue because, the animal conservation reserves are not enough for the animals giving them room to move around.

From the research of the National Crimes Record Bureau statistics, more than 950 people lost their lives due to animal attacks. This is quite alarming.

What of Wayanad

Over the past years, wildlife deaths in Wayanad district are alarming. These wild elephants reach human settlement due to scarcity of food and water, mostly in the mango season. More than 140 deaths have been reported ever since, more than 500 injured while loss of 3000 domestic animals. These animals attack anyone without discrimination.

The floods in Kerala was so destructive than what was experienced in the 1920s. It was so intense that both animals and forests were not spared.

There were two reported deaths of tigers, 5 elephants and king cobra from the reserve. The landslides were very severe and it could have affected more animals but most of them had relocated to safer places.

This floods caused erosion, deforestation and even washed away bridges and roads.

Due to the cutting down of trees, mining and construction, more landslides happened. For example, an area near the reserve more than four acres of land was affected.

In Uttar Pradesh

There has been reported killings of seven people by a tigress. It had been wandering all over when it attacked the people. Elsewhere, not far from there, a tiger was reported to have killed three people.

Most of the wildlife officers’ advice people to trap the wandering animal instead of killing them but once they feel threatened many people are in danger so they resolve to killing.

Recently, there has been a dogs’ attack on the people. Many people are living in fear while children fear going to school. People going to their businesses armed. It has a big concern. Since the year 2007, 12 children have been killed while 6 injured by the dogs and since the first incident, 22 dogs have been captured.

Most experts believe their doing is as a result of hunger.


The animal habitat has shrunk over the years and more animals are in danger of being killed by humans. In return, they attack the people on their way when wandering and finding themselves. As the officer of world life said that, most of those who attack people are still young and trying to prove they are old enough, for instance, the tiger that attacked people in Wayanad was only 12 years old.

Being careful with the animals and calling the wildlife officers in case of an attack will not only save people but also the animal from extinction.

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